Information on Reprints

We now offer individual article reprints. These are provided as PDF files, and they will be emailed directly to you. The option for purchasing the article is listed after each article for issues 1 to 26. Later issues are processed through the JPyro Archive Site.

Reprints cost US $0.50 per page, with a minimum charge of US $5.00 per article and a maximum charge of $10 per article. All articles are paid for by PayPal or by credit card through PayPal

Please note, this is not an automated system. Someone will email you the article usually within one day.

If you prefer to receive the article immediately, please use the automated Journal of Pyrotechnic archives. Once you have registered and/or logged in, you will be able to search for an article and download it immediately. Note that many of the shorter articles are available for no cost. Other articles cost a flat US $10. Currently Journal of Pyrotechnics articles and articles from the Pyrotechnic Literature Series are available.

Please contact AFN if you have additional questions.